FDIC Consumer News Fall 2006

Avoiding Costly Banking Mistakes: No Trivial Pursuit

Here are clues to preventing expensive errors with your checking account, credit card or other financial services. After all, this isn’t play money! No Trivial Pursuit Not Checking Up on Your Account Not Considering Bank Fees Paying Your Credit Card Bill Late Paying the Minimum on Your Credit Card Each Month Signing Up For New Credit Without Understanding Costs Not Reviewing Your Credit Report Getting a Nontraditional Mortgage Without Understanding Costs Fraud Alert Fraudulent E-Mails Claim to Be From the FDIC Beware of Phone-Based “Vishing” Scams New Safety Procedures for Internet Banking News Briefs Update on Higher Coverage for Retirement…

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FDIC News for Summer 2006

Smart Management of Money for Teenagers

FDIC Consumer News for Summer 2006

A superior knowledge in personal finance is obtainable from many sources and receiving that education at a young age is an excellent way to insure a brighter future that extends into adulthood by establishing habits pertaining to earning, savings, and spending money. Learning these lessons in banking, investing, loans, jobs, charity, and criminal activity as a teenager can prevent you from falling into the trappings of debt later in life and allow you to maintain focus without stress on what really matters.

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FDIC News for Spring 2006

What Is Your Level of FDIC Insurance Knowledge?

FDIC Consumer News for Spring 2006

Acknowledged by many, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has been with us for more than 70 years helping protect depositor finances and offering useful banking resources. This edition of consumer news addresses information regarding FDIC misinterpretations, what is new and not new with FDIC insurance, insuring a small fortune whether it is inheritance or pension, an easy to use calculator (i.e. Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator) for examining your deposits insurance limits, frequently asked questions about debit cards, and financial preparation for travel overseas.

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FDIC News for Winter 2005/2006

Financially Preparing for Natural Disasters and Other Misfortunes

FDIC Consumer News for Winter 2005/2006

How prepared are you for natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes, become skilled at emergency readiness with these FDIC provided financial steps on navigating your way through housing relocation, obtaining essential supplies, and criminals looking to prey upon you when you are at your weakest moment. In addition, several points of interest have been included to educate you on what your financial institution is doing to protect your money from online hackers, internet fraud, identity theft, and their implementation of the latest security measures.

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