Avoiding Costly Banking Mistakes: No Trivial Pursuit

Here are clues to preventing expensive errors with your checking account, credit card or other financial services. After all, this isn’t play money!

  • No Trivial Pursuit
  • Not Checking Up on Your Account
  • Not Considering Bank Fees
  • Paying Your Credit Card Bill Late
  • Paying the Minimum on Your Credit Card Each Month
  • Signing Up For New Credit Without Understanding Costs
  • Not Reviewing Your Credit Report
  • Getting a Nontraditional Mortgage Without Understanding Costs

Fraud Alert

  • Fraudulent E-Mails Claim to Be From the FDIC
  • Beware of Phone-Based “Vishing” Scams
  • New Safety Procedures for Internet Banking

News Briefs

  • Update on Higher Coverage for Retirement Accounts
  • New Law Promotes Retirement Savings
  • New Options for Direct Deposit of Tax Refunds

A Shopping List: Money Tips for the Holidays…and Year-Round

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