Frightening Fees & Other Credit Card Findings

One of the easiest and most powerful things you can do to help with the management your bills and other debts is to actually read and understand the statements of your credit cards. The ironic thing is, that the more overwhelmed by debt a person feels, the less likely they are to actually review and seek to understand the detail of bills that are making them feel so overwhelmed.

Facing the fear that a large amount of debt can bring with it, is the first necessary step that one must take in attempting to fix their debt problem. In addition to errors (which do happen from time to time), most people are stunned to find out how many other unexpected charges appear on their credit card statements; late payment fees, over the credit limit charges, credit limit increase fees, cash advance charges, annual fees, set-up fees and balance transfer fees. Some credit card companies even charge you when simply making a payment via the telephone! Keep in mind that you might be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per year on fees that could otherwise go toward reducing the current balance on your debts. So, when you compare credit cards for the lowest interest costs, be sure to include the various possible fees in addition to searching for the best interest rate.

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