The FDIC at 75: Protecting America’s Consumers from Generation to Generation

A Message to Readers

The FDIC was created by Congress in 1933 to restore confidence in the U.S. banking system after thousands of banks closed during the Great Depression, and families and businesses all across America lost money deposited in those institutions. We’re extremely proud of the FDIC’s 75 years of service to the American people, including the fact that no depositor has ever lost a single penny of FDIC-insured funds. But there’s much more to the story about how the FDIC helps and protects consumers.

The FDIC will be observing our 75th anniversary in a variety of ways during 2008, including special features in FDIC Consumer News, starting with this collection of consumer tips and information reminding you how the FDIC is still here helping to preserve and protect your money, just as we have been for generations of bank customers since 1933.

A To-Do List for Fine-Tuning Your Finances

  • Get Help as Soon as Possible
  • Find Ways to Spend Less and Save More
  • Simplify Your Financial Life
  • Review Your Insurance Coverage
  • Be on Guard Against Financial Fraud
  • Stay Informed About Finances

Help for Mortgage Borrowers: An Update

FDIC Consumer News is published by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FDIC Consumer News is produced quarterly by the FDIC Office of Public Affairs in cooperation with other Divisions and Offices. It is intended to present information in a nontechnical way and is not intended to be a legal interpretation of FDIC or other government regulations and policies. Mention of a product, service or company does not constitute an endorsement.

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