What are the Uses of Personal Loans

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When you take out a personal loan, you’re free to use the money for any purpose. It all depends on your personal situation.

You could use your personal loan to:

  • Fix up or add an addition to your home.
  • Pay off higher interest debt from credit cards or other loans.
  • Pay unexpected bills for car and home repairs.
  • Clear up medical or dental bills.
  • Purchase new furniture or appliances for your home.
  • Help your children pay for college or pay for classes for yourself.
  • Buy a new or used car.
  • Cover the cost of relocating.
  • Arrange a very special vacation.

You receive the complete amount of your personal loan by check when your lender approves your application and you complete the needed paperwork. In addition, you can use the money you borrow in any way you choose.

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Our Notes: Some of the items and expenses listed above could be handled with a credit card. In fact, in most cases, a credit card would be easier to obtain and use to pay for these things. Personal loans are, typically, much more difficult to qualify for. As to the interest rates, they depend upon what is being offered at the time. However, there are two substantial benefits to using a loan. First of all, the loan proceeds are in cash. This increases the number of parties that you can deal with, gives you flexibility in paying, and depending upon what you are buying, it makes it much easier to negotiate a better deal. Secondly, a personal loan is a one and done transaction. You borrow a set amount of money, for a set amount of time. So, if you have had problems keeping yourself under control with your credit cards, this may be an atractive option for you, especially if the interest rate is fairly comparable.

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