Step #1: Understand Your Goals and Analyze Your Current Investment Portfolio

Determine the risk / reward parameters of your current portfolio. Answer the questions that your current or past investment advisor may not have been interested in answering. What has my investment performance been? Of course, historical returns are not always indicative of future results, but assuming historical tendencies are an indication of future probabilities, given my current portfolio holdings how should I set my expectations in the future?

What are your financial goals? When would you like to retire or at least have the ability to retire? What other family obligations (college, weddings, etc.) are you responsible for funding? How do you view risk? Does it bother you more to lose 20% of your portfolio when the stock market is down 20% or to earn 10% on your money when the stock market is up 15%? Through a comprehensive review of your financial objectives and a risk tolerance evaluation, you should have a starting point to begin building your personal asset allocation and investment strategy.

  • Step One: Understand your goals and analyze your current investment portfolio.
  • Step Two: Design an optimal portfolio based on your goals and objectives.
  • Step Three: Formalize an investment policy and the management process.
  • Step Four: Implement your portfolio solutions.
  • Step Five: Continuous monitoring of your portfolio and adapt as needed.

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