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The goal of debt elimination is to satisfy all of the outstanding bills of a consumer. Depending on the type of debts, the strategy for the elimination of debt can vary greatly. For instance, a consumer with credit card debts can seek to reduce their interest rate while continuing to make monthly payments or could attempt to negotiate an amount to repay the principal debt owed.

Many companies that advertise debt elimination services offer debt consolidation or debt settlement as a way to eliminate debts. These programs create a plan for consumers to be completely debt free within a certain time frame. Debt consolidation combines debt and eliminates debt within five (5) to ten (10) years depending on the total amount owed and the amount paid per month. Debt settlement requires consumers to stop making monthly payments and repay the debt in one, agreed upon amount. Typically, this process eliminates debt more quickly in twelve (12) to thirty-six (36) months.

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