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Debt reduction is a broad term that encompasses many different methods of debt help available to consumers in order to help them get out of debt. Bankruptcy and related alternatives, credit counseling, debt consolidation and debt settlement programs all fall under the umbrella reducing debts.

  • Credit Counseling Programs – Review and compare sites of credit counseling companies from the Open Directory Project (ODP).
  • Debt Settlement Firms – If you have too many charge cards and other small bills and are unable to make your payments, this form of debt negotiation may be the right choice for your personal finances.
  • Debt Management Services – Do you have too many monthly debts and other credit obligations in order to manage them properly? Visit this directory of Internet sites in order to compare different debt management services that may be able to help.

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The main goal of debt reduction, obviously, is to reduce the amount of money the consumer owes to their lender. The emphasis, no matter which process the debtor chooses, is on establishing long-term credit health while securing quick debt relief. This may mean finding a way for the consumer to reduce their monthly payments, as in debt consolidation; finding better ways to handle their finances, as in credit counseling; or actually erasing part of their outstanding debt, as in debt settlement. Changes in the law make bankruptcy a poor debt reduction process with few real consumer benefits.

All of the different methods available for the reduction of debt have the possibility of helping a consumer get out of debt. However, it is highly important to research all possible options thoroughly before making a final decision on which path to take.

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