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  • Second Mortgage Loans – Shopping for low interest rates on a second mortgage loan? Review and compare mortgage company listings and services offering this type of home mortgage financing.
  • Mortgage Refinancing – Refinance your home loan to consolidate debt or lower your existing mortgage rate. Save money by possibly obtaining a lower interest rate or by converting from an adjustable rate to a fixed mortgage interest rate.
  • Debt and Bill Consolidation – Consolidate your monthly payments and other debts with a bill consolidation loan or related debt consolidation program.

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Home Equity Loan Information

A home equity loan is a single non-revolving home loan that allows a borrower to tap into the equity in their home to provide cash for other purposes (including debt and credit card consolidation, home improvements, college expenses, etc.). Home equity is the difference between the home’s present market value and the balance of any outstanding mortgages or liens. Generally this occurs as a consumer either pays down principal on their first mortgage or as the value of the home rises while the mortgage balance remains constant or is paid down. A home equity loan generally takes the form of a second mortgage; however, in the case of a home with a clear title an equity loan would take the form of a first mortgage. A mortgage refinance can also take the form of a home equity loan as it may allow the consumer to take equity out of their home (commonly called "cash back at closing" or simply ‘cash-out’).

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