Individual Finance & Money Management

Financial success necessitates discipline and determination in order to achieve your potential goals of higher education, child rearing, or just amassing a sufficient nest egg that enables retirement at a reasonable age. Whether it is budgeting, savings, debt consolidation, insurance, investing, or real estate the personal and family financial resources located within this directory provide the advantage that you will need.

Automobile and Home Ownership

  • Financial Calculators – Need a quick idea of how financing your dream home will affect your bottom-line? Try our ever-growing assortment of online financial calculators to acquire the indispensable knowledge necessary for maintaining a healthy budget and staying within your goals.
  • Mortgage and Home Purchase Loans – Are you ready to finance that new home or would you like more time to educate yourself and iron out the details of what could be the biggest commitment of your life? Review the mortgage section to gain a deeper knowledge of the various home loan types, terminology used, and programs that might be able to assist you in your purchase.

Credit and Debt

  • Debt Consolidation Glossary of Terms – Confused by some terms and phrases encountered during the management of your personal finances or while researching your consolidation options? Our comprehensive glossary of definitions can help you when shopping for or comparing debt consolidation programs and other related financial services online.

Commonly Searched Topics

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