Loan Payment Estimation & Retirement Calculators

Mortgage, investing, debt consolidation, and automobile loan calculators designed for estimating payments, reducing interest expense, and determining if that possible purchase fits into your current budget. Since knowing is half the battle, we have provided the subsequent online calculators to assist you in obtaining an immediate idea of potential payment estimations when shopping for various financial products and services.

Home Mortgage & Real Estate

  • Download our spreadsheet-based mortgage calculator (works with any simple interest loan) that calculates payments and savings on interest costs made possible by making extra payments over the life of your loan. Also provides monthly interest costs and principal reduction and monthly updated payoff amounts. Added on: .
  • Monthly Mortgage Payment Calculator – Curious about the potential monthly mortgage payment on the model home you toured this weekend with your significant other. Estimate monthly mortgage principal and interest, insurance, and tax with this basic payment calculator and just a handful of financial input values.