Consumer Information from the FDIC

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (as defined by the FDIC web site) preserves and promotes public confidence in the U.S. financial system by insuring deposits in banks and thrift institutions for at least $100,000; by identifying, monitoring and addressing risks to the deposit insurance funds; and by limiting the effect on the economy and the financial system when a bank or thrift institution fails. (Complete information about the FDIC can be found HERE)

FDIC Consumer News

  • Spring 2008 – Special Edition: Money tips for all ages: Your finances at different stages of life.
  • Winter 2007/2008 – Any time is a good time to prioritize your financial goals and begin taking steps to achieve them.
  • Fall 2007 – Credit may be tougher to get, but good loan programs are still available. Even for people having difficulty paying their mortgages have options for saving their homes from foreclosure.
  • Summer 2007 – This Special Edition is a collection of 51 simple, practical financial tips and other guidance that can help you save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.
  • Spring 2007 – This edition covers deceptive mortgage loan offers, banking and paying with speed, direct deposits versus checks, hot investments (Debt Consolidation Loan Directory Editor: Also, read this three part series on the emotions of investing and how you need to leave them out of your investment decisions) and a warning to adjustable-rate mortgage borrowers.
  • Winter 2006/2007 – Our goal is to give you the information and the confidence you need to effectively manage your money and realize your dreams for a better future.
  • Fall 2006 – To err is human…and sometimes it can be expensive. That’s the case for many consumers who have to pay fees and penalties because of mistakes they’ve made when using their checking account, credit cards or other banking services.
  • Summer 2006 – The best way to ensure that you manage your finances properly as an adult, is to start leaning early as a teenager. The summer 2006 edition covers the basics of many money management topics for young adults. At the end of the guide is a quiz to test how much you have learned.
  • Spring 2006 – FDIC insurance is explained and answers are provided for common questions regarding debit cards. Also, view information on making financial preparations for traveling outside the United States and tips for saving and borrowing money.
  • Winter 2005/2006 – Disasters can impair your ability to conduct day-to-day money matters. This guide can help you make plans to protect yourself in just such an occurrence. Safe online banking, shopping and bill paying are discussed along with preventing ID theft and online fraud.
  • Fall 2005 – Fiscal fitness for older Americans. Covering how to make money last, annuities, investing, strategies, fraud, organization and insurance.
  • Summer 2005 – The Summer 2005 edition offers guidance on how to shop for bank products and services, such as mortgages, home equity loans, checking accounts and credit cards. In addition, tips are offered on ways you can prevent becoming a victim of fraud.

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