Counterfeit Definition

A counterfeit item is a fake that is designed to mimic the real item. Who hasn’t dreamed of printing up their own money in the basement? A few clicks of the mouse, and voila! A sheet of hundred dollar bills shoots out of the printer. They might look just like the real thing, but they’re not the real thing—they’re counterfeit. Counterfeit money is illegal—it’s illegal to make, it’s illegal to spend, and it’s illegal to have. So you can’t print it out in the basement. Then again, neither can anybody else (except Uncle Sam) and that’s a good thing because it makes money actually worth something. After all, if everybody could print their own money why would they want any of your money? In our crazy consumer world, counterfeiting has extended well beyond the duplication of boring money. Counterfeit DVDs, counterfeit clothes, and even counterfeit jewelry are everywhere.