Debt Consolidation Mortgage Definition

Individuals with numerous small debts may experience difficulty in managing the various due dates, payment addresses, and minimum monthly payment amounts. Even though the individual’s credit is good and the aggregate debt amount is not beyond their ability to pay, the simple management becomes harassing. One alternative for such an individual would be a debt consolidation mortgage. In this process, a major asset-usually the primary residence-is used as collateral for a major loan. The funds obtained from this "second mortgage", or debt consolidation mortgage, are used to pay off the numerous smaller debts, leaving the individual with a single large debt to manage. Often, the new debt has better terms than the previous debts. However, many studies have shown that most individuals obtaining a debt consolidation mortgage rapidly become again saddled with numerous smaller debts. Thus, it is important to support a debt consolidation mortgage with behavior modification. One should also consider that using this process converts unsecured debt into secured debt.