Debt Counseling Definition

If you find yourself spending more time fretting about paying an endless stream of bills than bragging about your kids, it’s probably time to admit that your debt has gotten out of control. It’s time to change your financial habits and take a serious shot at becoming debt free. Such a process is not painless, won’t be easy, and will usually take a long time. But the alternative is continuing on the same doomed path until faced with repossessions, bankruptcy, and possible foreclosure or eviction. Why wait until it’s too late? It’s time to consult a debt counselor.

The key to understanding debt counseling is to realize it attempts to change financial behavior. Note that word "behavior"? Spending money is a form of behavior, and like any behavior, financial behavior can become habitual and it can become destructive. Changing behavior-any behavior-can be made easier by consulting professionals who specialize in behavioral modification. Want to lose weight? Talk to a weight counselor? Want to stop being depressed? Talk to a depression therapist? Want to get out of debt? Talk to a debt counselor. They will offer information and advice aimed directly at your debt problem, and they will offer a variety of solutions to becoming debt free.