Avoid Making Costly Mistakes When Investing

Achieving your investment goals can be a long and difficult task, especially when making unnecessary mistakes. Many investors feel the urge to look at what has worked well in the past and focus solely on those investments. Unfortunately, this often ends in failure. On the other hand, being overly confident and frequently jumping on board with the most promising investments can be damaging to your portfolio as well. When you come into situations where your stocks have plummeted severely, don’t be afraid to cut your losses and accept defeat. By setting expectations for your investments from the beginning, you will have a clearer picture of when it is time to sell. Remember to have discipline, stick with the plans you have set forth, and resist any urges to buy into today’s top performers. In the end, you may find that your long-term Investment Policy is your best bet. If you have any questions, consult the FAQ.

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