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  1. Some easy to follow tips regarding the proper use of credit.
    • ? Building a solid credit rating takes time, effort and knowing when to exercise restraint. What are the circumstances under which using credit is appropriate, versus those that it is not?
    • ? When you do come to the determination that you need to use credit, make sure you know what kind is most appropriate for your needs. That starts with learning about the different types.
    • ? Learn to recognize the signs that you have a growing debt problem, before they become a problem that gets out of control, and one that you can no longer manage.
    • ? What are some good steps to take if you find yourself no longer able to meet your monthly credit obligations?
  2. Breaking down personal loans.

Debt Consolidation Loan – Are your monthly bills on your credit cards breaking your budget? Use the menus above to find services and companies that provide credit counseling, consolidation loans and other debt relief programs. Browse by category of provider or the state in which you live.

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