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Debt Consolidation Without a Loan

TOO MUCH DEBT TO PAY OFF? Consolidate or manage your credit card debts and other bills in Indiana without needing to obtain or qualify for a loan.

Debt Relief Services Contained in This Group - Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement.

The Basics - These services are better suited for someone that wants to do a debt consolidation, but is unable to do so because there is simply too much in bills to consolidate with a loan. The monthly payment would be too big, or approval is not possible because of a poor credit record, insufficient income or other reasons (as determined by a lender). PLEASE NOTE: 1) Effect on your Credit? Making use of these programs may have a negative impact on your credit report (not necessarily your score). However, if you have started making your payments late and cannot get your credit card debts controlled, one of these programs could be the best choice for you in getting help with your bills. 2) Evaluate all Options. Thoroughly consider all of your options by taking into account the positive and negative aspects of each one before deciding to go with a particular company. Ask for a complete list of fees that will (or can) be charged and a complete explanation of each... before you sign or make a verbal agreement to anything! Research the company's name with popular review sites or search your state government's web site to see if it has a history of complaints filed against it. 3) Is it a Good Fit... for You? You may need help, but you shouldn't necessarily take the hand of the first company that comes along. The first thing you should do is make sure that you are selecting the right type of help for YOUR needs. A hastily made choice might put you in a worse position than you already find yourself!
[AKA / Similiar / Related Terms: Consolidating debt, consolidate bills and credit card debt consolidation.]

Debt Settlement - Looking for alternatives to debt consolidation? When settling debts, the consumer gets help from a service or law firm that works towards negotiating lower balances to be paid off to their client's creditors. The debts being negotiated cannot be secured. In other words, the balances being negotiated cannot be attached to assets that have used as collateral for the debt, such as an automobile or home.
[AKA / Similiar / Related Terms: Reduction of Debt, debt arbitration, credit card settlement and debt negotiation.]

Credit Counseling - In this form of debt relief, a consumer consolidates their unsecured debt with a credit counseling serice or agency. The consumer makes one payment to the service each month, and in turn, the service makes payments to it's client's creditors on their behalf. The service's staff will try to get the borrower lower interest rates on the repayment of their debts, in addition to attempting to getting any charged penalty fees waived. All this is designed to help the consumer with getting their bills under control and into a manageable state so that they can begin to pay down the credit balances that they owe.
[AKA / Similiar / Related Terms: Debt management programs, budget service, debt pooling and budget counseling.]

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Personal Loans to Consolidate Debt in Indiana

HAVE a GOOD to EXCELLENT CREDIT HISTORY? Consolidate your debts into a personal loan in Indiana.

Loan Companies / Services Covered in This Category - Direct lenders, aggregator sites and peer to peer lenders. Keep in mind... each lender has different criteria for loan approvals (underwriting guidelines). Even though they typically require borrowers to have a good to excellent credit record, each lender underwrites loan applications to its own individual guidelines. This means you could be approved by one lender, even after already getting declined by another.

The Basics - Because personal loans are most often unsecured, they are a much more difficult form of debt consolidation to obtain. Also, consumers may need a larger loan than they are able to be approved for in order to consolidate their debt. Finally, because they do not have collateral and present considerably more risk for the lender, the offered interest rates can be significantly higher than with secured loans, like mortgages.
[AKA: Unsecured personal loan, signature loans and note loan.]

Direct Lender - You make application 'directly' to the company (lender) that will either decline, or approve and fund your loan application.

Aggregator - Aggregators basically function as a broker and take your application and perform the action of an agent to to assist you with finding a loan. They are not involved in lending money to borrowers, however, they do have an edge over others in that they are not tied down to one set of guidelines and can shop around.
[AKA / Similiar / Related Term(s): Consumer Loan broker.]

Peer-to-Peer Lenders - This funding for these loans comes from other consumers. P2P lenders performs the services of an intermediary that matches approved borrowers to investors willing to fund loans that meet a pre-defined set of underwriting guidelines. They claim to be less expensive to borrow money from, as they removed the middlemen, such as the bank, finance company and other lending institutions.
[AKA: P2P lender, peer lending, person-to-person lenders and social lending.]

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Indiana, USA Information

IN / Indiana, nicknamed "The Hoosier State" and "The Crossroads of America", is located in the midwestern United States. The state of Indiana (IN) has 6,271,973 residents according to the 2005 census. It covers 36,420 square miles, making it the 38th largest state in the country by area. Indiana has the neighboring states of Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio. Looking for a list of Indiana Banks - View our list of banks in Indiana that was provided by the ODP (Open Directory Project).

Indiana Map location External Site - Indiana's State Google Map -  [] External Site - State of Indiana.

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Significant Cities:

Indianapolis is the state capital and is the largest in Indiana, and is a city rich with American history. The city is home to the Children's Museum which is one of the largest museums of its kind in the world, as well as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indianapolis 500, United States Grand Prix and the Brickyard 400.

Major IN Cities / Towns (general) Information:

Personal Finance Tips

Make better choices when shopping to consolidate debt or for other financial services. Take steps to educate yourself!

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