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State Capitol: Lincoln
State Nickname: The Cornhusker State
Largest City: Omaha

Nebraska Debt Consolidation
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  • Home Equity Loan Financing - Credit card and other debts are consolidated through the use of a home equity loan or an equity line of credit in NE.
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General Nebraska Statistics and Information


The state of Nebraska, abbreviated as NE, has a population of 1,758,787 according to the 2005 census. It covers 77,358 square miles, making it the 16th largest state in the country. Nebraska is located in the central portion of the United States with neighboring states of Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Whether by touring a restored pioneer homestead or following Highway 30 through the small, quiet farming towns, Nebraska offers a better understand of what the United States once was in its former days.

Lincoln - [visit site], the state capital of Nebraska, was named to honor President Abraham Lincoln after he was assassinated. The largest city in the state is Omaha - [visit site], which boasts a large zoo, several museums as well as an energetic entertainment district.

Other major cities include:

  • Columbus - [visit site] - A place where the air is still fresh and manners still count
  • Hastings - [visit site] - Hastings is a lively and progressive city located in the agricultural heartland of south-central Nebraska

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