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State Capitol: Pierre
State Nickname: The Mount Rushmore State
Largest City: Sioux Falls

South Dakota Debt Consolidation
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SD Debt Consolidation with CareOne - Call Today: (800) 809-1460.

CareOne for debt consolidation in South Dakota.

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CareOne debt relief services for help with your debts in SD. CareOne service providers have years of experience providing sound and legitimate debt help to people looking to take care of their debt once and for all without the need to take out a loan. Because each person's financial situation is personal and unique, they offer a variety of different debt counseling and consolidation programs. <--- South Dakota debt relief without loans.

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CareOne Credit Counseling in South Dakota

CareOne Credit Counseling in SD

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  • Consolidate your bills into one easy payment.
  • Reduce interest rates.
  • Lower your monthly payments.
  • Waive late fees.
  • 24 / 7 account access.

South Dakota Debt Consolidation Online

CareOneSM Services - A service you can trust!

There's a reason over 4.5 million people have turned to CareOne service providers for help with their debts. CareOne service providers have years of experience providing sound and legitimate solutions to people looking to conquer their bills once and for all. Because people's situations are unique, they offer a variety of debt programs that allow consumers to pay off their bills in a reasonable amount of time.

Not only can you count on CareOne service providers for their expertise in credit debt counseling, you can expect to find customer-focused, helpful and compassionate coaches online or over the phone. Their coaches know the ins and outs of debt counseling and are committed to the success of their customers.

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Main Office Location: 8930 Stanford Boulevard Columbia, MD 21045

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General South Dakota Statistics and Information


The state of South Dakota, abbreviated as SD, has a population of 775,933 according to the 2005 census. It covers 77,121 square miles, making it the 17th largest state in the country. South Dakota is located in the north central portion of the United States with neighboring states of Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wyoming. South Dakota is well known for many attractions such as the Black Hills, Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial and Wind Cave National Park.

Pierre - [visit site], the state capital of South Dakota, is the second smallest state capital in the country. The largest city in the state is Sioux Falls - [visit site], home to Falls Park, a 42-acre park where the falls of the Big Sioux River can be found.

Other major cities include:

  • Rapid City - [visit site] - Real America Up Close
  • Aberdeen - [visit site] - Follow the Yellow Brick Road...Through the land of Oohs and Oz

For more information about South Dakota, visit the following:

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