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In its simplest form, an unsecured personal loan is a loan lacking collateral that is it is backed only by the promise to pay of the borrower and their creditworthiness. Unsecured personal loans take several forms depending on the type of borrower involved. From the consumer context there are three main types of unsecured lending: credit cards, traditional unsecured personal loans, and non-financial consumer lending. While the oldest of the three is the traditional personal loan, in today’s market it is the smallest of the three, having largely been replaced by credit card financing, which lenders find far easier to sell and package for the public (and therefore more lucrative).

Personal or unsecured loans are not as prevalent as they once were due to the fact that hey have a sales cost to the financial institution and are more difficult to package using computerized underwriting programs. Essentially, an individual secures a loan from a bank on an unsecured basis on which their personal credit is the only guarantee. These types of loans are generally paid out in a single lump sum and charged at higher interest rates than secured loans, such as home loans.

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