Utah Bank Directory Listings

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  1. Central Bank Utah – Independent bank offers personal and business banking throughout the state.
  2. Draper Bank – Community bank offers consumer and business banking throughout the Salt Lake valley.
  3. Heber Valley Bank – This site offers personal banking, health savings accounts, and loan products in Heber City, UT.
  4. Heritage Savings Bank – Community bank offers banking services to southern Utah.
  5. Lewiston State Bank – Independent community bank provides personal and business banking to Lewiston, Utah.
  6. Liberty Bank – Provides banking and financial services for Salt Lake City, Utah.
  7. State Bank of Southern Utah – Community bank operates a total of nine branch locations in southern Utah, northern Arizona, and eastern Nevada.
  8. Transportation Alliance Bank (TAB) – Provides factoring and equipment loans for owner operators and trucking companies in Salt Lake City.
  9. Zions Bank – Provides business banking services from branches statewide.

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